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Mak's Chee Frozen 麦氏西池冷冻食品系 列  Closed 
OUG 香港的「鮮蝦雲吞麵」以彈牙、幼細見稱,與馬來西亞的黑醬油乾撈做法與口感截然不同。雲吞麵大王「麥奀」嫡傳弟子經過多個月的籌備工作,麥氏雲吞麵終於決定以全新形象進駐吉隆坡

幼生面 (小)Homemade Duck Egg Thin Noodle (Small)

每包4只 4pcs /pkt [Frozen: 30 days] [Chilled: 7 days]

幼生面 (大)Homemade Duck Egg Thin Noodle (Large))

每包3只 3pcs/pkt [Frozen: 30 days] [Chilled: 7 days]

粗生面 (小)Homemade Duck Egg Flat Noodle (Small)

每包4只 4pcs /pkt [Frozen: 30 days] [Chilled: 7 days]


鲜虾云吞(⽣)Sea Prawn Wonton (raw)

每包12只 12 pcs/pkt [Frozen: 30 days]

凤城⽔饺(⽣)Pork and Prawn Dumpling (raw)

每包10只 ***含花⽣醬*** 10 pcs/pkt ***Contains Peanut Butter*** [Frozen: 30 days]

柱侯⽜筋腩 Braised Beef Tendon & Brisket

400g (2-3⼈份)400g (2-3 servings/pkt) [Frozen: 60 days]

柱侯⽜筋 Braised Beef Tendon

400g(2-3⼈份)400g (2-3 servings/pkt) [Frozen: 60 days]

柱侯⽜腩 Braised Beef Brisket

400g(2-3⼈份)400g (2-3 servings/pkt) [Frozen: 60 days]

上等虾籽 Premium Dried Prawn Roe

[袋装]2-3⼈份 (2-3 servings/pkt) [Chilled: 9 mths]

上等虾籽 Premium Dried Prawn Roe

[玻璃瓶装]110g (bottle) 110g [Chilled: 9 mths]

咖喱排骨 Curry Pork Ribs

450g(2-3⼈份)450g (2-3 servings/pkt) [Frozen: 60 days]


⼤地鱼虾籽汤包 Flounder Fish & Prawn Roe Soup

(2-3⼈份)800ml (2-3 servings) 800ml [Frozen: 60 days]


秘制捞面头抽 Chilled Homemade Noodle Sauce

(4⼈份)80g (4 servings) 80g [Frozen: 60 days]

红油抄⼿酱 Spicy Sichuan Sauce

50g [Frozen: 60 days]

自家辣椒油 Homemade Chili Oil

[玻璃瓶装]330g (bottle) 330g [Room Temp: 9 mths]


咖喱鱼蛋 Curry Fishball

(每包10粒)10 pcs [Frozen: 60 days]

咖喱鱼蛋 Curry Fishball

(每包20粒)20pcs [Frozen: 60 days]

港式瑶柱蛋黄咸⾁粽 HK-Style Sticky Rice Dumpling

(1只)约350g (1 pc) approx 350g [Frozen: 60 days]

炭烧叉烧 BBQ Pork

(按重量計算 每100g Rm8)每包约250-300g (priced based on Rm8 per 100g) approx 300g/pkt [Frozen: 60 days]

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