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Kath + Belle  Open 
No.34 Jalan TS 6, Taman Industri Subang, 47510 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The Wise Choice For People Against Toxins
Diaper Time

Diaper Time Sanitiser Spray

Size: 100ML

Germs Free

Sanitizing Handwash (150ml)

Size: 150ML

GermsShield Sanitizing Water

Size: 400ML

Hand Sanitizing Mist (Apple Mint)

Size: 60ML

Hand Sanitizing Mist

Size: 40ML

Organics Disinfectant

Size: 400ML

Handwash – Tea Tree, Lemon & Spearmint

Size: 250ML

CNY Dragon Hand Wash

Size: 228ML

Kath + Belle

Wonder Cream

Size: 50G

Hair Conditioner – Peach

Size: 250ML

Hair Shampoo – Peach

Size: 250ML

Top to Toe Cleanser – Peach

Size: 250ML

Face & Body Lotion (Peach)

Size: 250ML

Prebiotics Body Lotion – Passion fruit

Size: 250ML

Super Vitamin E Oil & VCO

Size: 100ML

Travel Kit (5 in 1)

Size: 40ml x 5

Keep Fresh

KeepFresh Organics Disinfectant

Size: 400ML

Safe Clean

Safe Clean Anti Bacterial Floor Wash

Size: 1 Litre

Baby Eco Laundry

Size: 1 Litre

Safe Clean Bottle Wash

Size: 250ML

For Moms

Resveratrol Lifting Serum – Rose Geranium

Size: 30ml

Resveratrol Cream – Rose Geranium

Size: 30g

Hydra 72 Body Wash – Lavender

Size: 400ML

Hydra 72 Body Wash – Rose Geranium

Size: 400ML

Hydra 72 Conditioner – Rose Geranium

Size: 200g

Hydra Reset Body Lotion – Rose Geranium

Size: 200g

Jeju Volcanic Ash Osmoprotection Scrub – Rose Geranium

Size: 100g

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