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Freeze Dried Veg 蔬菜脆零食

Shiitake Mushroom | 香菇脆

Ingredients/材料: Shiitake Mushroom, Vegetable Oil, Salts, Maltose 香菇, 植物油, 盐, 麦芽糖 Natural taste of shiitake mushroom in chunchy texture. 香菇天然

Shimeji Mushroom | 白玉菇脆

Ingredients/材料: Shimeji Mushroom 白玉菇 Natural taste of shimeji mushroom in chunchy texture. 白玉菇天然原味,香脆口感。

Yam | 香芋脆片

Ingredients/材料: Yam (Slice) 香芋(片)Natural taste of yam in chunchy texture. 香芋片天然原味,香脆口感。

Brown Sugar Ginger | 黑糖姜片

Ingredients/材料: Ginger (slice), Brown Sugar 姜(片),黑糖 Natural spicy of ginger mix with sweetness of brown sugar in chunchy texture. 脆口姜片,姜天然辣

Crunchy Garlic | 淡盐蒜米

Ingredients/材 料: Garlic (whole), Vegetable Oil, Salt 蒜米(粒),菜油,盐 Salty taste of garlic in chunchy texture. 蒜米微咸味,香脆口感。

Green Radish | 青萝卜脆

Ingredients/材料: Green Radish (slice) 青萝卜(片) Taste /口感: Natural taste of green radish in chunchy texture. 青萝卜天然香气味,香脆口感。

Okra | 秋葵脆

Ingredients/材料: Okra, Vegetable Oil, Salts, Maltose 秋葵, 植物油, 盐, 麦芽糖 Taste /口感: Natural taste of okra in chunchy texture. 秋葵天然口味,香脆口感。

Original Potato | 原味土豆条

Ingredients/材料: Original Potato (stick) 土豆(条) Taste /口感: Natural taste of original potato in chunchy texture. 土豆天然原味,香脆口感。

Pumpkin | 南瓜脆片

Ingredients/材料: Pumpkin (Slice) 南瓜(片) Taste /口感: Natural taste of pumpkin in chunchy texture. 南瓜片天然原味,香脆口感。

Purple Potato | 紫薯条

Ingredients/材料: Purple Potato (stick) 紫薯(条) Taste /口感: Natural taste of purple potato in chunchy texture. 紫薯天然甜味,香脆口感。

Red Radish | 红心萝卜脆

Ingredients/材料: Red Radish (slice) 红心萝卜(片) Taste /口感: Natural taste of red radish in chunchy texture. 红心萝卜天然香气味,香脆口感。

Tomato Flavour Potato Stick | 番茄土豆条

Ingredients/材料: Potato (Stick), Vegetable Oil, Tomato Powder 土豆(条),菜油,番茄粉 Taste /口感: Potato stick with tomato flavour in chunchy texture. 番

Yam | 香芋脆片

Ingredients/材料: Yam (Slice) 香芋(片) Taste /口感: Natural taste of yam in chunchy texture. 香芋片天然原味,香脆口感。

Freeze Dried Fruits 冻干水果

Strawberry | 冻干草莓

Ingredients/材料: Strawberry (whole) 草莓(粒) Taste /口感: Natural sweetness of strawberry with a crunchy texture. 草莓天然甜味配上香脆口感

Green Grape | 冻干青葡萄

Ingredients/材料: Green Grape (whole) 青葡萄(粒) Taste /口感: Natural sweet and sour taste of grape with a chewy texture. 青葡萄天然酸甜味配上香脆口感

Apple | 冻干苹果

Ingredients/材料: Apple (Slice) 苹果(片) Taste /口感: Natural sweet and sour taste of apple with chunchy & chewy texture. 苹果天然酸甜味配上香脆口感

Purple Grape | 冻干紫葡萄

Ingredients/材料: Green Grape (whole) 青葡萄(粒) Taste /口感: Natural sweet and sour taste of purple grape with a chewy texture, taste similar to r

Lemon | 冻干柠檬片

Ingredients/材料: Lemon (Slice) 柠檬(片) Taste /口感: Natural sour taste of lemon. 柠檬天然酸味。

Brown Sugar Ginger Tea 姜母茶

Mama Jiang Bentong Brown Sugar Ginger Tea | 黑糖文冬姜母茶

We used 100% natural authentic Bentong ginger and brown sugar. For quality assurance we make it as soon as we receive the orders🔥.

Yogurt Cubes | 冻干酸奶块

Yogurt Cubes | 冻干酸奶块

Strawberry, Mango, Bayberry, Original, Mulberry, Passion Fruit Rich yogurt taste with all natural fruity flavour, crunchy yet melts in mouth

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