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阿嬷老字號 l Sri Petaling - Ah Mah Traditional Egg Sponge Cake  Closed 
8, Jalan Radin Anum 1, Sri Petaling 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Ah Mah Traditional Egg Sponge Cake Sri Petaling WhatsApp Order.

Delivery charge kindly contact to check with seller

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Original Sponge Cake 原味鸡蛋糕

Cheese Sponge Cake 芝士鸡蛋糕

Pandan Sponge Cake 班兰叶鸡蛋糕

Only Available on Saturday & Sunday 只限在星期六和日

Chocolate Sponge Cake 巧克力鸡蛋糕

Only Available on Saturday & Sunday 只限在星期六和日

Traditional Butter Cake 传统牛油蛋糕

Herbal Tea / Herbal Soup


Mini Dang Shen (中小党参)

Golden Chrysanthemum Tea (金皇菊花茶)


Scallion Cheese Flavor Biscuit 葱饼

Linseed Saline Biscuit 亞麻籽

Oat Saline Biscuit 燕麥

Chia Seed Saline Biscuit 奇亞籽

Quinoa Saline Biscuit 藜麥

Durian Flavor Cookies

Pineapple Cookies

Honey Guiling Gao (Pack)

Chocolate Cookies

Original Guiling Gao (Pack)

Chocolate Biscuit

Strawberry Nougat Crisp

Sweet Potato Biscuit (番薯薄饼)

Linseed Biscuit (亚麻籽薄饼)

Seaweed Konjac Brown Rice

10 Nuts Roll

Honey Guiling Gao (Herbal Jelly)

Longan Guiling Gao (Herbal Jelly)

99 Energy Bar

Ginseng Guiling Gao (Herbal Jelly)

Dried Sweet Potato (Purple)

Dried Sweet Potato (Yellow)

Cha Pai (Grapefruit Jasmine)

Seaweed Vege Biscuit

Heroo Royal White Coffee

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